Statutory Responses

Planning law prescribes circumstances where consultation must take place between a local planning authority and certain organisations, prior to a decision being made on an application. The organisations in question are under a duty to respond to the local planning authority within a set deadline and must provide a substantive response to the application in question.

Who objects and why


Alde and Ore Association - link

Aldeburgh Music - The level of flying which is proposed (960 movements) per year could easily cause real disruption to concerts and recordings as well as disturbing the tranquility of the Suffolk Coast AONB.

Aldeburgh Societylink

Alderton Parish Councillink

Bentwaters Campaign GroupIncreased air movements at Bentwaters are likely to have a detrimental impact on the AONB and its tranquility.

Bawdsey Parish Councillink

Campsea Ashe Parish Councillink

Chillesford Parish Council - link

Ekye Parish Council - link

Melton Parish CouncilEffect on the AONB

Sutton Parish Council - link

Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONBWholly within the AONB, which is of international importance.  Contravention of the AONB Management Plan.  Impacts on the Alde And Ore SPA, SSSIs have not been adequately dealt with.

Tunstall Parish Councillink

Local residentsThere are a multitude of reasons but most cite at least one of the following reasons (i) impact on the AONB (ii) impacts on residential areas (iii) concern for local businesses which depend on tourism (iv) concerns about the impacts on wildlife (v) SSSI (vi) birdlife.

The RSPB - link


Comments and concerns


Bromeswell parish councillink

Iken parish councillink

Suffolk Preservation Society - link


No Comment/No objection


FelixstoweFelt had no jurisdiction to comment because flight paths are not subject to planning controls.

Orford parish councillink

Wickham Marketlink


In favour


Butley Parish Councillink

Rendlesham Parish councillink



Alde and Ore Association

Aldeburgh Society

Alderton Parish Council

Bawdsey Parish Council

Camsea Ashe Parish Council

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Chillesford Parish Council

Ekye Parish Council

Sutton Parish Council

Tunstall Parish Council


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Bromeswell parish council

Iken parish council

Suffolk Preservation Society

Orford parish council

Wickham Market Parish Council

Butley Parish Council

Rendlesham Parish council